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Little Treasures - TIA's Small Format Exhibitions

Since 2008, Trevisan International Art has presented its unique "Little Treasures", an exhibition in small format, at the Galleria De Marchi in Bologna, in close partnership. These exhibitions promote international artists from Europe and around the word, and provide a valuable opportunity for artistic, cultural and human exchange. "Little Treasures", in its 12 editions has proven to be one of our most successful TIA events. These exhibitions of art jewels have always proven extremely popular and have for years attracted many fine creators and art connoisseurs. Each exhibition has counted artists from no less than 40 countries.



Upcoming: The Illusion of Reality

30 November - 12 December 2019, Bologna, Italy


This new exhibition is a special edition, with the aim to celebrate the achievement of the over ten years of history of the mini format exhibitions and the great network these events have created during the years. Thanks to all artists who have participated during all these years, some of you are by now good friends and companions in many of my art adventures. I feel very grateful.

In choosing the theme for "The Illusion of Reality", I drew on my belief that artists, powerfully interacting with the proposed subject, will respond letting flow their intimate imaginary into artworks where reality and illusion, visible and invisible, will originate strong vibrations in a significant and sustained dialogue. 

I hope this theme will be both a challenge and inspiration to artists.

Paola Trevisan

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Little Treasures, Spring 2019

30 March - 11 April, Bologna, Italy

Little Treasures 2019 Excellence Awards: Nina Baxter, Elvi Beiner & Iris Beiner (Atelier Beiner & Beiner), Pim Benus (photography), Sylvia Galos, Nina Hansen, Bente Langhoff, Fabiolla Loureiro (photography), Morten Lykke (sculpture), Zeina Nader, Jennifer Pazienza, Magdalena Tarasiuk - Waga (ceramic sculpture), Ai-Wen Wu Kratz.
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Little Treasures, Autumn 2017

25 November - 7 December 2017, Bologna, Italy


Awards of Excellence: Yvonne Broeren, Elke Bührmann, Ana Calder, Ragnhild Adelheid Holten, Simone Huy, Annemarie Marcinek, Jiri Maska, Stéphane Meier, Maria Misselbrook, Celeste Wrona. - Photographers: Paul Brouns, Tatiana Rivero Sanz. - Sculptors (As Public’s Choice):Ulla Haga

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Little Treasures, Autumn 2016

26 November - 8 December 2016, Bologna, Italy


Awards of Excellence: Yvonne Dolk, Mark James Ford (photography), Mélanie Gilliand, Marileea Järnefelt, Dagur Jonsson, Stéphane Meier, Leszek Michalski (sculpture), Gabriele Musebrink, Clare Page (photography), Jesper Tølbøll, Véronique Vallet, Harold van de Kamp (photography). Premio De Marchi: Nicoline van Goudoever


Little Treasures, Autumn 2015

28 November - 10 December 2015, Bologna, Italy


Little Treasures 2015 Excellence Awards: Rune Baashus (photographer), Sergio Del Fiol (photographer), Nadja Djurovic Larsen, Marianne Fjær, Ole Jakob Ihlebaek, Pike Kokkonen, Lidwien Michiels, Carol Rowling, Nicole Schraner, Charlotte Shroyer, Ruth Uhrenholt (Critics Choice Award). Sculptors (ex aequo): Mine Akin, Hetty Blankesteijn, Clemens Briels, Henrik Fischer, Cobie Schoneveld.

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The Illusion of Reality, Autumn 2014

29 November - 11 December 2014, Bologna, Italy


The Illusion of Reality Excellence Awards: Lauren Wilhelm (Critics’ Choice Award). Premio de Marchi: Vladimer Asatiani, Liv Ejdesgaard, Jan Maarten Hensel, Vibeke Lillefjaere, Debora Makkus, Rosa Mascarell Dauder, Eduardo Rodriguez, Astrid Ufkes (photography), Véronique Vallet, David Whitfield, Arlette Zurbuchen. Sculptors (Ex aequo): Liv Babra, Gon Bello, Masa Gala, Charlotte Groutars, Brigitte Saugstad. Public Choice (Ex aequo): Margaret Chwialkowska, Cheryl Langford.

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Little Treasures, Spring 2014

12 - 24 April 2014, Bologna, Italy


Little Treasures 2014 Awards: Gerd Rautert (Critics’ Choice Award) Gerd Rautert. Premio Bertelli - Award of Excellence: Adam Balogh, Lida Chaulet (photographer), Adrian Chu Redmond, Nabil Ghandi (photographer), Wendy Graat, Carlo Guidetti (digital art), Nadiya Jinnah, Sylva Kanderal, Gunilla Löfgren, Mikkelin, Rebecca Rath, Ineke van Berkom. Sculptors ex aequo:
Roos Boonstra, Ulla Haga, Simone Carole Levy, Reina Ramakers, Evert van Rijssel, Varda Yoran. Public Choice Award ex aequo: Mercedes Arsuaga, Mette Mailund Strong.

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Little Treasures, Autumn 2013

16 - 28 November 2013, Bologna, Italy


Critics’ Choice Award: Rob Forlani. Premio Bertelli Awards of Excellence: Erin Ashley, Karin Berg, Wilson Calderon, Maria Tania Klinke, Anneli Nilsson, Zeina Nader Selwan, Giselle Sohm (sculpture), Abelien Visser, David Whitfield. Public Choice Award: Val Masferrer Oliveira (photographer), David Whitfield


Little Treasures, Spring 2013

23 March - 4 April 2013, Bologna, Italy


Little Treasures 2013 Excellence Awards: Rebecca Rath (Critics’ Choice Award), Jerry Anderson, Bente Braad Klausen, Rob Forlani, Zoltán Kalocsai, Jos Kuklewski (photography), Per Nylén, Carmen Rantzuch-Doll, Renate Thalhammer, Cornelis Vink. Sculptors (ex aequo): Ingrid Beemsterboer, Marian Daems, Hetty Kok, Rogier Ruys. Public Choice Award (ex aequo) Ann Dunbar, Keith Morant


Little Treasures, since 2008

TIA's Little Treasures exhibitions date back to 2008. Here are a few cherished souvenirs, among so many.


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