Steffie Wallace
Australian Landscapes
Storm over Kata Tjuta
acrylic on panel, 33x48 cm, 2012
Deluge at Alice Springs
acrylic on panel, 15x15 cm (6), 2012
Moonlight over Mt. Conner
acrylic on panel, 48x63 cm, 2012
Rainstorm near Yulara
acrylic on panel, 28x23 cm, 2012
I was born in Australia in 1946 and live in Melbourne, Victoria, where I studied Fine Art. I have exhibited in Melbourne, Sydney and overseas, and feel fortunate to live in a country which offers such wonderful visual inspiration.
Additionally, I derive spiritual motivation from the Australian indigenous culture, and climate change is a thematic concern.
As a landscape painter of the contrasting vistas of sea and desert, I choose to portray the landscape in transitory weather situations dominated by dramatic skies, with contrasting light providing the main focus.
After the Rain, Gosse Bluff
acrylic on panel, 63x48 cm, 2012
Approaching Storm, Kernot Range
acrylic on panel, 48x33 cm, 2012
These paintings, exhibited in the TIA ‘Liberated Dreams’ exhibition in April, 2012, are from locations in Central Australia which I consider the heart of this country with its awe-inspiring scenery.
Being desert, this area is dry for much of the year and I have depicted the landscape being liberated by water.
I feel these weather conditions best promote the mystery of this ancient landscape and emphasises our transitory existence within its timelessness.
Mist over Uluru
acrylic on panel, 93x63 cm, 2012