annemarie spijkerman: restoring original harmony
My work stems from the desire to restore an original harmony while using nature's variety of shapes, colors, and senses as a source of inspiration. My paintings often resemble landscapes, and evoke locations where you once were, like to be or want to visit. The horizon acts as a focus of longing and a mirror of the mind.
I believe in the revitalizing power of art, its communal imagery, shamanism, and the Zen tradition. I am more or less a storyteller with no words other than color, form, and gesture.
Through the years, my creativity has become a path to meditation, while the process contributes to a greater unity. Aware of the commitment to achieve this unity, my studio serves as a place of joyful devotion. I draw without a plan, and paint with abandon. On a snow white canvas I draw a single line to break the tension of beginning. Then I assemble a multitude of colors and shapes until the canvas becomes a multicolored chaos. Some areas of the canvas call out for simplification, intensification, and clarification. During this quest a dialogue begins. Shapes connect and the painting begins to formulate itself.
This dialogue intensifies and the creative process becomes still. In this silence an energy field appears into which the canvas and I dissolve.
Ultimately the painting - unconnected to philosophy or tradition - enters the world as an independent object. As a reflection of this intention.