The Art of Carol Rowling
Series Saltlakes  

I studied at Carine TAFE and at Claremont School of Art in Perth and at present living in Perth but also spend alternate years in Sydney where I became interested in art from an early age.

My Inspiration comes from the vast Australian landscape and on my many travels over this land I have experienced the wonderful colours that come alive when seen from above.

In these aerial works I have introduced the soil and ochres which I have collected from the outback, connecting with the land and it's timelessness with my abstractions.

I also work with power tools layering canvases together with various colours, this is quite an unique style.

I carve into the canvas and trip away the outer layers to reveal inner layers of colour adding to the complexity of meaning. There is no direct narrative but allows the viewer to interpret the work in their on way.

My work is held in collections overseas and in Australia and I have received numerous awards locally and Internationally