My name is Fran Mc Cann. I was born in Belfast in 1945 and now live in South Galway, in the West Ireland. All my life I have been driven by art. A lot of my inspiration comes from music, which I would have heard growing up in my own home and which can be heard just about everywhere in Ireland. Also, as a child I would listen to the old Irish mythology stories and in time to come I would knit the music and the old stories together and it is this that one sees in my artwork today.


Lullaby of Birdland, Oils, 12x16"
Pheasant Time, Oils, 12x16 " Spring Begins, Oils, 12x16"
I like to watch the body language of musicians as they play, their facial expressions and body movements and the way they become as one with the music, musicians like the great Miles Davies, bent over his instrument, to the more refined classic musicians, up straight and correct.


Oboe's Duet, Oils, 20x34"


Caroline's Paradise, Oils, 14x18"
  With Midsummer Dream, Oil, 14x18"
Sometimes I would start a painting just by applying some paint to the canvas and as the work would progress I could pick a certain piece of music or composer to suit the work; other times the music would come first and then the paint would be applied, either way the work gets done.
Coltrain's Crane, Oils, 18x14"
  Lullaby of Birdland, Oils, 16x12"
As time moves on and one becomes older and more mature, so does the artwork. Like everything else in life it slowly evolves and I wonder what is down the road of life for me and my artwork, so, I will just keep working and let it all happen. There are some things in life that I have learned and that is, one must learn the art trade first and foremost and then develop the art work; try and push the art to the limits without leaving the true art path. I never dictate to the artwork but rather let the artwork dictate to me, “it’s not what one paints but rather the way one paints” let it flow without obstruction.
Fiddler's Wait, Oils, 16x20"