This versatile artist has won several Dutch prizes in 1988 and 1989. Afterwards he disappeared from public eye to experiment with other forms of art and to find a new direction in the art of painting. After completing the Art Academy Harrie Maesen started showing his work to the public again.

Other cultures, natural and artificial landscapes and people are the inspiration for his artwork. During his travels he makes extensive photo shoots. Sometimes the photos are a very concrete basis for new artwork, in other cases they serve as idea generator.
His most recent artwork finds it origin in the former industrial district Soho - New York. Fascinated by the architecture and the abstract lines of the cast-iron facades and the typical steel fire escapes Harrie Maesen photographed the ‘Stairs’ and subsequently used his creative spirit. By changing colors, making cutouts and manipulating images an original, autonomous image emerged: a whole new world with its own specific sphere.
The artist succeeded very well in giving a different meaning to the original image allowing the spectator to let go of reality.
Suggesting living in another reality is a theme often be seen in the artwork of Harrie Maesen.
Like so many things in life Stairs seems to be quite different than reality is.
The artist hopes his work fascinates the spectator and raises questions: whereby, why, how? "It is best if the spectators can lose themselves in their own unique mind, based on their personal experience, feelings and stories”.