I create landscapes, literally because I use most of the time sketches and my memories.


Images seen on my traveling around from many, many years ago or just from yesterday.
I love the remote and hidden landscapes where I may believe it has not changed for thousands of years.
  Dover Fjell
But also just around the corner can be very inspiring. During my daily walk with my Labrador Gino we both enjoy the fresh air and the change of the seasons although he is keener on ducks and pheasants.
  Sunset in my Backyard
In my mind and dreams it is possible to paint not existing landscapes. Mainly I don’t know where they come from but basically I must have seen it all before and that unbelievably precious mind sends a message to my hand and brush to create something on canvas that, in spite of the abstraction, is just an indication of a landscape.
  End of Summer
From Here On
Roses of Picardy
Paul's Mighty Mountain
Probably it is all nostalgia.
The Crossing
The consciousness that Mankind is plundering nature and environment gives me an urge to show my landscape painting.
Moonlight On Rough Sea
Just as a reminder what we have lost or what is still there..
Last Glacier

Ton Lindhout was born in The Hague, The Netherlands.

He now lives in Emsland, Germany.

Works shown are acrylic or oil on canvas.

Ton Lindhout
Grosse Strasse 59
49733 Haren-Fehndorf, Emsland, Germany
+49 (0) 5935 705734