lifescapes by nadiya jinnah

Nadiya Jinnah is a product of an African upbringing, South Asian ethnicity, and English education. 

Studying painting and sculpture at England’s finest art colleges, she now uses both to produce what she calls “Lifescapes.” 

In line with her multi-cultural background, she exhibits her art internationally.  Her work is collected by a variety of museums, corporations, universities, and private citizens. 

Nadiya presently lives and works in New York City.



Artist Statement

Born in Uganda, Africa of South Asian origin, I have lived for many years in the West. This blend has created a cultural richness within my soul, that I explore in my paintings. For me, making Art is not only a way to express myself, but also to comprehend life. I call my work ‘Lifescapes' and begin by exploring my personal inner space, then extending out to the external landscape. Whether looking through a microscope at the smallest organism or through a telescope into outer space, I assimilate the energy and give it artistic expression.  Each painting goes through a series of rituals in the process of being made. I start with a clay surface to create a three-dimensional drawing that becomes a negative mold. This sculpting allows me an infinite variety of textures and depths which I use to physically express the essences of organic landscapes like a rocky surface, heather on the fields or an ocean floor. The impression is then transferred onto an acrylic canvas.  Lastly, I use color on this very tactile background to create a subtle illusion and an experience of reality beyond the physical world.


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