adam balogh

Song for the Rosegarden of Creation of Armenia


Adam Balogh painter-photographer was born in Budapest in 1971.

He has been displaying his works in individual and joint exhibitions since 2000.

Adam Balogh received the ‘Award of the Critic’ at TIA's ‘Creative Energy’ exhibition at Ferrara in 2010.

What Is Beauty?


His receptive, open personality and exotic travels as well as the influence of Central and South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East are reflected in his art.

The Best of Times Yemen

Adam Balogh’s photos have been published in several travel books in Hungary and abroad as well.

Snapshots of a distant, strange yet familiar culture depict the experience of simple days and transmit the feeling 'as if we had been here.'


Smile Iran

He builds connections and understanding among people living in different places, tells stories about the miracle of the moment.

About the thousand faces of our planet.

The Lord of Time Cuba
Gathering in Iran

The universal paintings of a mystical world born by internal experience.

Spiritual works that are clear and perceptible for everybody.



Instinctively and involuntarily, your imagination continues dreaming his paintings, which inspire you to the infinite, the eternal, beyond time and space.

Is this imagination or 'another' reality?



It takes us back to the origins: out to the stars or/and into ourselves?

Is this mystical world to be found in distant universes or rather very near, in ourselves, in the rich internal pictures of the subconscious?

Awakening of the Blue Child

Adam Balogh’s paintings are markers of a road, you unite with time and space when you look into their depths.

You are united with freedom, curiosity.

The present. The moment. Mankind might not ever get a clear answer for the questions he asks in his images, but until then …


‘Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow is but a vision, all yesterdays are the dreams of happiness, all tomorrows are but a glimmer of hope, so take care of what you do with today.’



His pieces were on display in galleries of Hungary as well as in Vienna, London and New York. They can be found in foreign and Hungarian private collections.
Text Andrea Nemethy, Art Historian, Independent Curator