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The Natural world has always captured my imagination.

The rich, red sand of outback Australia, the azure blues of the ocean near where I live, patterns on a tree trunk left behind by peeling bark or the colours of a sunrise playing across the rock faces on the mountains.

These are what inspire me to paint.
My style? Expressionistic with a touch of the Abstract !

I don't paint photo realism but rather an expression of what I see and feel about the subject.

I strive to produce creative, expressive and original artworks. I love texture, pattern and colour and the materials I choose reflect this.

My hope is to communicate a Place, a Time or Memory that sparks a connection between my art and the viewer.
I use many types of mixed media techniques, some of them specialized and very unique. Layers are built up until I have resolved the image I have in my mind.
you - me - I
mixed emotions
nature walks 2
nature walks 3
nature walks 4
nature walks 5
ocean rhythms 1
ocean rhythms 2